Why I love Korean Food

Something that has never left me, was the love of Korean food. Wherever you go it follows you, even though Korean groceries can be still very difficult to obtain in some countries. But in places with increasing amounts of Korean immigrants, there are increasing amounts of Korean super markets. That’s why I like to hang out in such places, so I can grab some great kimchi or stock on choco pie.

What is it that I so much love about it is very interesting. I don’t know exactly, but for sure it can be said that Korean food is very unique. With so much difference with the rest of the world, and having become used to it over the years.. one just gets addicted I guess!

The other things is, that a lot of it contains chili which is not that abundant in dishes such as those in America for example. I really need my dose of spice every once in a while.



Mike Kim

One thought on “Why I love Korean Food

  1. This was a delicious post. I hope to see more like it! 🙂


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