Why Geeklog Sucks and Sucked

Simple answer, I used it until I could not take it anymore. Of course, a lot of it can be great. But the CMS is not made really user friendly, and one of the most simple things to block in the world.. such as SPAM. Was made too difficult. Perhaps the development team has just left the project at it is, but I wasn’t happy with the slow and non existent development. I thought it was a great idea, and was hanging on to Geeklog for quite some time.. but it was time to let go. And the hassle with all the spam, i could no longer tolerate.

Having such small but fundamental weaknesses, all I can say is that Geeklog sucks. I’m sorry to say it.. but that’s how the world goes. You need to keep on with the development and that’s why I moved on. I hope that from now on, the site will bring a good user experience as well as interesting stuff to read as usual. Thanks for everyone who has been with me, and will continue to be with me. I love you all!

Will be posting interesting stuff again soon!!

Greetings from Korea,


One thought on “Why Geeklog Sucks and Sucked

  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for letting me know your site is back in order. I do understand it is fustrating with Geeklog and am happy that you found a platform you are satisfied with. See you!


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