Kim Goes Beijing Panda Action

Me Kim, From Korea, me speak good, English. Yes, there are plenty of us who have lived in the states of have what ever affiliation most likely to the states, because of the historical past between the countries. Well, not only that but also Korean people are really smart (more than me) and like to learn languages. Look at the neighbouring countries for example, Japan is pretty lost. With kids not having the right resources for language learning. Just repeating stuff from the books and never having the experience and neither the courage to speak out. After all, learning a language is the same as speaking it. Unless you want to become some isolated literary expert, I don’t know!

In China, it’s a dilemma as well. Chinese have the courage, as they are not shy to express themselves even without the actual knowledge. For them, it’s like a kid learning English. And that is the best way, but something is wrong. A lot of Chinese speak really bad English despite all the study and practice. I bet it’s because not as many Chinese have the opportunity to go on an student exchange program for example. In Korea, most have that chance along as they study hard. And really hard that is.

I recently went to see some Panda action in Beijing. This show is pretty hilarious, and in a positive way. It’s not just some boring “trying to be cool” kung fu show, but an honestly entertaining performance. With loads of twists and turns in the story, making it totally possibly to follow and enjoy. While I was kicking back in my chair at the Shichahai Theatre, I noticed that the English subtitles that help following the storyline were just plain odd. In Korea you don’t get as MUCH as that kind of stuff. But this was just too much and at times it was beyond funny, and more like difficult to follow. Nevertheless, no matter how much they would screw up the English portion the pandas were absolutely adorable. This show is fairly new (not so touristic), but I have a feeling it’s going to be a huge hit in the very near future.

That really made me think I guess, about what is it about English that’s so difficult to the Chinese. There is quite a lot of variety in service for example. In the example of the panda show, you could see that they had brushed up the performance, dance, kung fu and action very well. But then some things are a bit lacking. It’s like there is a problem with the whole, you know what I mean?

The biggest contradiction of all this, is that China is a collective society.. just like Korea, Japan. But it seems like they are having problems, perhaps because it’s such a huge country, because there are so many people.. and that history kind of made them more separate than before. Either way, I think that if communication and collaboration would work well.. they might even get the subs right! =)

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