From Panda to Amazing Acrobatics in Beijing

I thought another show worth wile mentioning, is probably the Chaoyang Acrobatic Theater which is a truly amazing show, about truly amazing performers in acrobatics. While the Panda show had some pretty brilliant Kung Fu action, still the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theater were not just entertaining and musing, but also extremely skilful. I think nothing like this exists even in Korea or probably anywhere else in the world. Not saying that you couldn’t find a good acrobatic performance in South Korea but this level is just something hard to compete with. Training kids from as soon as, age 3 and sometime using “unorthodox” methods to make these kids go to extremes. You can see the extremes a body can shape into, how they can pile together and jump in the sky. Also a lot of tricks where things are being thrown using legs, feet, mouths.. especially horrifying feat was when a small girl was balancing horizontally in the air, while her only support was her mouth that was grabbing on to a pole with a round object in the end to bite into. That was almost too much for me to see, but it’s good to see nevertheless.

I had gotten discount tickets from their official website that I just linked to. Just make a booking, and you don’t even need to pay upfront. They must be very generous because if I would have wanted, I could have just left it without going to my booking. But that kind of abuse would be terrible. Anyway, just go to the ticket office with a piece of paper with your name and booking number on it.. and that’s it. But in the end, I started feeling a little bit bad because my tickets were almost too cheap for such an amazing performance. But then again, if I would be paying more that more would probably not go into the hands of the acrobats themselves.

After the show finished and my heart was still pounding with excitement, I tried to talk with some of the performers that were selling DVDs of the show afterwards. But unfortunately none of them seemed to speak very good English and it was difficult to become friends with them. At least that happened to be my limited experience, perhaps someone else has made good friends with them I don’t know. I just wanted to offer them dinner or something for the amazing job and congratulate them for all their years of hard work. As someone from neighbouring Korea, I felt a connection knowing that in my country there people who worked as hard as them too. Just when it comes to Acrobatics, China is definitely number one. My hotel had advised me that Chaoyang Theater was the most famous in the city, and that’s were I would recommend my readers to go to if they are in Beijing!

Thanks and see you next time,
Korealog, Mike Kim.

대단히 감사합니다 🙂

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