Stubborn Koreans or Just Stubborn People

Being Korean, and living in Korea makes you accept a lot of ways of thinking that you just have to obbey so that you can live happily. Especially with parents here, it can be very difficult for them to accept new ways of thinking or ways of life. Most people just live with it, and there are also a lot of stories from children who had taken the path to a life without parents. It is really a sad state of affairs, and a lot of the issues are related to foreign marriages. Parents in Korea have a lot of stubborn expectations from their children, and how people should behave in society in general.

But what fascinates me, is if this is really just some Korean thing or can we see the same happening everywhere. Of course every country is different, and having traveled a lot I have seen many of those differences. Also thanks to for example the experiences I’ve had traveling in China, I can see more accurately what is happening in my home country.

So far I have come to the conclusion that stubborn people are simply everywhere, unfortunately. Especially old people. Instead I believe that we should focus on the new generation and how we can benefit from new ways of thinking. After all, new ways are inevitable in society. For those who don’t embrace and adapt, it’s unfortunate, for those who do we have better news for them! =)

Take care from Mike Kim!

PS. Looking forward to my next trip to Shanghai!

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