Internet Privacy & VPN with HideMyAss in Korea

Privacy is not really the biggest priority here in Korea. And there are so many internet users here making it extremely easy to track anyone, at least by the government. One concern is hackers as well, but mainly it doesn’t really matter who is following you. Because it’s very important to watch your back and be protected from anything. But often enough times, it’s just more than simply protecting yourself. It is a statement and an important one as such.

If you ask most Korean people what a VPN is, they will most likely have no idea at all. Perhaps I am a little different from the rest, because of my “western upgringing”. For years, I have been a faithful user of the HideMyAss VPN service, which you should definitely put on your consider list if you are interested in internet privacy. It is like a statement, that is and continues to be a pillar of what optimally internet use should be. While many technologies have been developed of which some to increase protection from hackers, it is those entities that ultimately control the flow of the cables that we must now go up against.

In todays survalance world, I am surprised that not everyone is using such VPN technologies. You should and if not for yourself, for the future of humand kind where the more we give in to powerful people that decide for us.. the more it will be harder to fix things and restore privacy to it’s original, free form. But not just any VPN service can fix this, because not all are on the same level. But I can assure, that the guys at HideMyAss are just brilliant.

I have linked to a page were you might even find a discount on it, so please do not hesitate too much. However my final advice for you is to think for yourself. That is the other fundamental force of privacy, and internet freedom!

Best regards,
Mike Kim


2 thoughts on “Internet Privacy & VPN with HideMyAss in Korea

  1. Another faithful here. Hidemyass is probably my favorite VPN provider too. Big up!

    • Glad to know others think the same. Choosing a VPN is not such an easy task even though there are plenty of providers around. Thanks Xavier.

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