A Greeting From Your Host Mike Kim

안녕하세요 !!!

Hi everyone. My name is Mike. I am a man of Korean nationality, but have lived in the states for a huge part of my life. There are a lot of us, even though we are sometimes in the shadows of more populated nationalities like China and Japan. Grin.

Speaking of China and Japan. They are two countries that are really interesting for me. Not just because of most of Koreans hate those countries for some reason. Well, actually I know why it is. It’s not just because of the somewhat bloody and not so bloody history between the nations.. it’s because that’s what is being fed to us from the day we are born.

We hear it from our families, and especially school. In our jobs.. you have to be nationalistic, otherwise you are a traitor. This is a general view. But a lot of young people are waking up. It’s 2014 for christ sake!

Living in the states was definitely something that helped me to distance myself just the right amount, so that I could see the reality of the situation. And now, I am ready to love South Korea again. Bigger and badder! 🙂

It was my true call to live there,and go back to my roots. Now I am experiencing the things that I once escaped.. and enjoying it like fresh. I hope you enjoy my journey to Korea and it’s neighboring countires as much as I do.

대단히 감사합니다!!

Mike Kim

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