A Little Confession

Hello again everyone. I have to say that I am proud of Korean country. Really I am. And it is not because it is the Korean thing to do. It’s not because people told me to think that way. I will go straight forward, out of the closet you could say, and confess something.

I used to hate Korea, and everything it stands for. It was a dirty, messy country. People were noisy. We had manners, but they were only superficial. Being Korean you know what people think inside of them, and it’s not pretty. People we just interested in making money. Work was too much, there was no reason to be proud of being Korean.

So I left my country, with the help of my parents. And I thought I would never come back again.

Well guess what, I came back!

I finally understood. My hatred was nothing to do with Korea, it was all about me. I am the one who is responsable of who I am and what my attitude is. By making an effort, to be positive and see the good in Korea.. I am truly blessed!

I love South Korea! <3 And I am sorry for the things I said and thought before. I did not know, please forgive me. 미안 해요 Sincerely, Mike Kim

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