Internet Privacy & VPN with HideMyAss in Korea

Privacy is not really the biggest priority here in Korea. And there are so many internet users here making it extremely easy to track anyone, at least by the government. One concern is hackers as well, but mainly it doesn’t really matter who is following you. Because it’s very important to watch your back and be protected from anything. But often enough times, it’s just more than simply protecting yourself. It is a statement and an important one as such.

If you ask most Korean people what a VPN is, they will most likely have no idea at all. Perhaps I am a little different from the rest, because of my “western upgringing”. For years, I have been a faithful user of the HideMyAss VPN service, which you should definitely put on your consider list if you are interested in internet privacy. It is like a statement, that is and continues to be a pillar of what optimally internet use should be. While many technologies have been developed of which some to increase protection from hackers, it is those entities that ultimately control the flow of the cables that we must now go up against.

In todays survalance world, I am surprised that not everyone is using such VPN technologies. You should and if not for yourself, for the future of humand kind where the more we give in to powerful people that decide for us.. the more it will be harder to fix things and restore privacy to it’s original, free form. But not just any VPN service can fix this, because not all are on the same level. But I can assure, that the guys at HideMyAss are just brilliant.

I have linked to a page were you might even find a discount on it, so please do not hesitate too much. However my final advice for you is to think for yourself. That is the other fundamental force of privacy, and internet freedom!

Best regards,
Mike Kim


Stubborn Koreans or Just Stubborn People

Being Korean, and living in Korea makes you accept a lot of ways of thinking that you just have to obbey so that you can live happily. Especially with parents here, it can be very difficult for them to accept new ways of thinking or ways of life. Most people just live with it, and there are also a lot of stories from children who had taken the path to a life without parents. It is really a sad state of affairs, and a lot of the issues are related to foreign marriages. Parents in Korea have a lot of stubborn expectations from their children, and how people should behave in society in general.

But what fascinates me, is if this is really just some Korean thing or can we see the same happening everywhere. Of course every country is different, and having traveled a lot I have seen many of those differences. Also thanks to for example the experiences I’ve had traveling in China, I can see more accurately what is happening in my home country.

So far I have come to the conclusion that stubborn people are simply everywhere, unfortunately. Especially old people. Instead I believe that we should focus on the new generation and how we can benefit from new ways of thinking. After all, new ways are inevitable in society. For those who don’t embrace and adapt, it’s unfortunate, for those who do we have better news for them! =)

Take care from Mike Kim!

PS. Looking forward to my next trip to Shanghai!

From Panda to Amazing Acrobatics in Beijing

I thought another show worth wile mentioning, is probably the Chaoyang Acrobatic Theater which is a truly amazing show, about truly amazing performers in acrobatics. While the Panda show had some pretty brilliant Kung Fu action, still the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theater were not just entertaining and musing, but also extremely skilful. I think nothing like this exists even in Korea or probably anywhere else in the world. Not saying that you couldn’t find a good acrobatic performance in South Korea but this level is just something hard to compete with. Training kids from as soon as, age 3 and sometime using “unorthodox” methods to make these kids go to extremes. You can see the extremes a body can shape into, how they can pile together and jump in the sky. Also a lot of tricks where things are being thrown using legs, feet, mouths.. especially horrifying feat was when a small girl was balancing horizontally in the air, while her only support was her mouth that was grabbing on to a pole with a round object in the end to bite into. That was almost too much for me to see, but it’s good to see nevertheless.

I had gotten discount tickets from their official website that I just linked to. Just make a booking, and you don’t even need to pay upfront. They must be very generous because if I would have wanted, I could have just left it without going to my booking. But that kind of abuse would be terrible. Anyway, just go to the ticket office with a piece of paper with your name and booking number on it.. and that’s it. But in the end, I started feeling a little bit bad because my tickets were almost too cheap for such an amazing performance. But then again, if I would be paying more that more would probably not go into the hands of the acrobats themselves.

After the show finished and my heart was still pounding with excitement, I tried to talk with some of the performers that were selling DVDs of the show afterwards. But unfortunately none of them seemed to speak very good English and it was difficult to become friends with them. At least that happened to be my limited experience, perhaps someone else has made good friends with them I don’t know. I just wanted to offer them dinner or something for the amazing job and congratulate them for all their years of hard work. As someone from neighbouring Korea, I felt a connection knowing that in my country there people who worked as hard as them too. Just when it comes to Acrobatics, China is definitely number one. My hotel had advised me that Chaoyang Theater was the most famous in the city, and that’s were I would recommend my readers to go to if they are in Beijing!

Thanks and see you next time,
Korealog, Mike Kim.

대단히 감사합니다 🙂

Happy New Year!

It’s really been a great time of the year once again, as the year has passed smoothly with exiting new prospects in the air. I never really cared for celebration, but just having that hope that sometime new and wonderful is going to happen in your life. Well, everyone needs a little bit of that to continue and find ways to fulfil dreams.

For me, it’s the prospect of having more freedom, more time and more travel. Something that a lot of Koreans are lacking off unfortunately. To give you an example, no one is really allowed to take all the holidays that are given to them. You always leave a percentage that you don’t take and that’s just to show your loyalty to the company. Well, I think it often goes too far as you are basically selling all your free time to them.

Making money should not be that serious in my opinion. While I am thankful for all the hard work that has been put to the incredibly growth of the South Korean economy. I think it’s time to continue to the next level and bring forth a more happier, relaxed nation where children can live a life with not so much pressure. After all, I think we should enjoy our time here on the planet. Not just in Korea but all over the world.

Anyway, I know 2015 is going to be a great one. Already enjoying it full power.

Happy new year everyone. And remember to enjoy your holidays!

Mike Kim

Kim Goes Beijing Panda Action

Me Kim, From Korea, me speak good, English. Yes, there are plenty of us who have lived in the states of have what ever affiliation most likely to the states, because of the historical past between the countries. Well, not only that but also Korean people are really smart (more than me) and like to learn languages. Look at the neighbouring countries for example, Japan is pretty lost. With kids not having the right resources for language learning. Just repeating stuff from the books and never having the experience and neither the courage to speak out. After all, learning a language is the same as speaking it. Unless you want to become some isolated literary expert, I don’t know!

In China, it’s a dilemma as well. Chinese have the courage, as they are not shy to express themselves even without the actual knowledge. For them, it’s like a kid learning English. And that is the best way, but something is wrong. A lot of Chinese speak really bad English despite all the study and practice. I bet it’s because not as many Chinese have the opportunity to go on an student exchange program for example. In Korea, most have that chance along as they study hard. And really hard that is.

I recently went to see some Panda action in Beijing. This show is pretty hilarious, and in a positive way. It’s not just some boring “trying to be cool” kung fu show, but an honestly entertaining performance. With loads of twists and turns in the story, making it totally possibly to follow and enjoy. While I was kicking back in my chair at the Shichahai Theatre, I noticed that the English subtitles that help following the storyline were just plain odd. In Korea you don’t get as MUCH as that kind of stuff. But this was just too much and at times it was beyond funny, and more like difficult to follow. Nevertheless, no matter how much they would screw up the English portion the pandas were absolutely adorable. This show is fairly new (not so touristic), but I have a feeling it’s going to be a huge hit in the very near future.

That really made me think I guess, about what is it about English that’s so difficult to the Chinese. There is quite a lot of variety in service for example. In the example of the panda show, you could see that they had brushed up the performance, dance, kung fu and action very well. But then some things are a bit lacking. It’s like there is a problem with the whole, you know what I mean?

The biggest contradiction of all this, is that China is a collective society.. just like Korea, Japan. But it seems like they are having problems, perhaps because it’s such a huge country, because there are so many people.. and that history kind of made them more separate than before. Either way, I think that if communication and collaboration would work well.. they might even get the subs right! =)

Why Geeklog Sucks and Sucked

Simple answer, I used it until I could not take it anymore. Of course, a lot of it can be great. But the CMS is not made really user friendly, and one of the most simple things to block in the world.. such as SPAM. Was made too difficult. Perhaps the development team has just left the project at it is, but I wasn’t happy with the slow and non existent development. I thought it was a great idea, and was hanging on to Geeklog for quite some time.. but it was time to let go. And the hassle with all the spam, i could no longer tolerate.

Having such small but fundamental weaknesses, all I can say is that Geeklog sucks. I’m sorry to say it.. but that’s how the world goes. You need to keep on with the development and that’s why I moved on. I hope that from now on, the site will bring a good user experience as well as interesting stuff to read as usual. Thanks for everyone who has been with me, and will continue to be with me. I love you all!

Will be posting interesting stuff again soon!!

Greetings from Korea,


Why I love Korean Food

Something that has never left me, was the love of Korean food. Wherever you go it follows you, even though Korean groceries can be still very difficult to obtain in some countries. But in places with increasing amounts of Korean immigrants, there are increasing amounts of Korean super markets. That’s why I like to hang out in such places, so I can grab some great kimchi or stock on choco pie.

What is it that I so much love about it is very interesting. I don’t know exactly, but for sure it can be said that Korean food is very unique. With so much difference with the rest of the world, and having become used to it over the years.. one just gets addicted I guess!

The other things is, that a lot of it contains chili which is not that abundant in dishes such as those in America for example. I really need my dose of spice every once in a while.



Mike Kim

A Little Confession

Hello again everyone. I have to say that I am proud of Korean country. Really I am. And it is not because it is the Korean thing to do. It’s not because people told me to think that way. I will go straight forward, out of the closet you could say, and confess something.

I used to hate Korea, and everything it stands for. It was a dirty, messy country. People were noisy. We had manners, but they were only superficial. Being Korean you know what people think inside of them, and it’s not pretty. People we just interested in making money. Work was too much, there was no reason to be proud of being Korean.

So I left my country, with the help of my parents. And I thought I would never come back again.

Well guess what, I came back!

I finally understood. My hatred was nothing to do with Korea, it was all about me. I am the one who is responsable of who I am and what my attitude is. By making an effort, to be positive and see the good in Korea.. I am truly blessed!

I love South Korea! <3 And I am sorry for the things I said and thought before. I did not know, please forgive me. 미안 해요 Sincerely, Mike Kim

A Greeting From Your Host Mike Kim

안녕하세요 !!!

Hi everyone. My name is Mike. I am a man of Korean nationality, but have lived in the states for a huge part of my life. There are a lot of us, even though we are sometimes in the shadows of more populated nationalities like China and Japan. Grin.

Speaking of China and Japan. They are two countries that are really interesting for me. Not just because of most of Koreans hate those countries for some reason. Well, actually I know why it is. It’s not just because of the somewhat bloody and not so bloody history between the nations.. it’s because that’s what is being fed to us from the day we are born.

We hear it from our families, and especially school. In our jobs.. you have to be nationalistic, otherwise you are a traitor. This is a general view. But a lot of young people are waking up. It’s 2014 for christ sake!

Living in the states was definitely something that helped me to distance myself just the right amount, so that I could see the reality of the situation. And now, I am ready to love South Korea again. Bigger and badder! 🙂

It was my true call to live there,and go back to my roots. Now I am experiencing the things that I once escaped.. and enjoying it like fresh. I hope you enjoy my journey to Korea and it’s neighboring countires as much as I do.

대단히 감사합니다!!

Mike Kim