Dear readers. I’m Mike, I speak American English and Korean as my mother tongue. I live in Busan. And having experienced best of both worlds, I finally ended up living in South Korea, for the rest of my life. I can say that pretty confidently since I got married, which is what happens to a lot of us Koreans. In fact, I believe that Korean women are some of the finest in the world and therefore could not be happier with my decision to stay here.

Busan is a very special place in Korea. It’s international, lively, people are more relaxed and open than usually in big cities. It’s next to a beautiful sea, and sea food is abundant. For me personally, it’s paradise on earth.

I do occasionally go out of my comfort zone, and travel abroad. To countries like China, where conditions are not always the best. I want to live life in a real way, with real experiences together with real people. And that’s when I take to the streets.

If you have any questions about Korea, please ask me. I probably will have a lot of questions about your country. I am a very curious person and want to know the “why” to everything! So watch out if you end up in a conversation with me. Or just leave a comment to one of my blog posts.


Peace and out,
Mike Kim

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